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5 Best Foods For Men's Health

Sep 7, 2022 | By: Natural Delights

We are only given one body, so it’s important to make food choices that will not only fuel but nourish us in order to live a healthier and more sustained life. There are many foods out there that can help men reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and it’s vital to make intentional choices to include those foods into our diet. Antioxidants, zinc, and magnesium are just a few of the vitamins and minerals that can be found in my top choice ingredients below. Take a look at these 5 foods that are packed with nutrients for men’s health:

Medjool Dates

Medjool dates are a great source of potassium, which helps maintain the health of men’s kidneys, bones, and cardiovascular system. It may also help manage blood pressure. They are also high in fiber, which can help with regulating the GI system and digestion. As men age, this is an extremely important part of colon health.



Blueberries are rich in antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress and protect against free radicals which can elevate in men in times of intense workouts and stress. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men in the United States and anthocyanins, which give blueberries their rich, deep color, can contribute to cardiovascular protection as well.


Zinc, which is found in high levels in cooked oysters, helps produce key sex hormones, such as testosterone and prolactin in men. On top of that, they are a great lean protein source to maintain muscle protein synthesis.

Pomegranate Juice

As mentioned, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men in the United States. High cholesterol and high blood pressure are two of the greatest risk factors for heart disease. According to researchers, drinking pomegranate juice regularly may lower these risk factors.  Pomegranate juice's polyphenols, which work as potent antioxidants, were responsible for the improvements.


Ginger has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties for men, especially those that work out, and it has been found in studies to help relieve muscle pain and soreness. Additionally, ginger has traditionally been used as a way to relieve feelings of nausea naturally.

Want more tips for men's health? Check this out:


When planning meals for the week, consider adding one or more of the ingredients above to start working towards a more energized and balanced lifestyle. Small changes grow into big results!



Jordan Mazur is a sports dietitian, currently working with the 49ers as the team's coordinator of nutrition. In 2015, he spent the year with the Philadelphia Eagles in the Gatorade Sports Nutrition Immersion Program. Prior to joining the 49ers, Mazur served as the director of sports nutrition at the University of California, where he was responsible for overseeing all nutrition and dietitian-related services for student-athletes.

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