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Fuel for School

Sep 7, 2021 | By: Natural Delights

Natural Delights® Medjool dates are a naturally sweet whole, fresh fruit. They are a delicious and healthy addition to back-to-school snacks and lunches. With 16 essential vitamins and minerals, including carbohydrates, fiber, and potassium parents and teachers can feel good about fueling kids with Natural Delights. Proper nutrition is not only essential for growth, development, and disease prevention, but proper fueling also helps kids to focus and perform their best in school.

Fuel You Can Feel Good About

As a whole, fresh fruit, Natural Delights offer many vitamins and minerals as well as a natural source of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the brain’s preferred source of energy and are essential for helping kids to stay alert and focused, and perform their best both in school and in after-school activities. 

Natural Delights have a whopping 4 grams of fiber per serving (or 2 whole dates)! Fiber slows the absorption of carbohydrates so dates can offer a lasting source of energy and brainpower for kids without a sugar crash later on.

A Better for You Sweetener

Because of their naturally sweet taste and caramel-like flavor, Natural Delights are the perfect natural sweetener or sugar replacement in many recipes. Use dates in smoothies, baked goods, homemade energy bars, as syrup on pancakes, or mixed with yogurt or oatmeal.

Try these easy homemade date syrup and date paste recipes made with just dates and water. Kids love our Blueberry Superfood Smoothie and these Whole Grain and Oat Energy Bars.


Perfect for Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks

Packed with nutrients and a balance of energizing carbohydrates and fiber to power through the school day - Natural Delights are a perfect addition to any breakfast, lunch, or snack. Here are some kid-friendly ideas for adding in date nutrition throughout the school day.


They say it’s the most important meal of the day and for good reason. Starting with a healthy breakfast can kick start healthy habits for the rest of the day and energizes kids for a successful school day. Try some of the ideas mentioned above - like homemade bars, smoothies, or date syrup with pancakes. We love these Chocolate Peanut Butter Donuts and Loaded Berry Toast too!



Lunchtime gives kids time to take a break and re-energize for the remainder of the day.

Medjool Date and Apple Sandwiches, Peanut Butter and Medjool Date Star Sandwiches, and Bento Boxes are some of our favorites. Add any of the snack ideas below to a fun Bento Box lunch or pair Natural Delights with cheese cubes, nuts, or nut butter for a balanced, healthy lunch.



Healthy snacks are important to help kids meet their nutrition needs and give them energy between meals. Many kids and families don’t meet their daily recommended fruit and veggie needs and dates can be a great way to add in an extra fruit serving that kids love. Pair Natural Delights with healthy fat or protein to make it even more filling and balanced. Kids love our Natural Delights Fruit and Cheese Kebabs, Apple Cinnamon Energy Bites, and Protein-Packed Trail Mix.


By Jenna Gorham, RD


Jenna Gorham, RD is a registered dietitian and the Founder of The RD Link.

Her mission is to create relationships between health and wellness brands and registered dietitians to foster credibility and the spread of accurate nutrition information.

Out of the office, you can find her exploring the mountains of Montana!



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