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How to Have a Happy Gut

Apr 19, 2022 | By: Natural Delights


Want a Happy Gut?

Happy Gut, Happy Life, right? This month we are joined by Registered Dietitian Ashley Oswald to learn what a healthy gut is and the practical steps to get there. The gut connects with many other parts of the body, including the brain, immune system, lungs, and more! Having a healthy gut is vital, and Ashley shares how to take steps towards a healthy gut by adding specific foods to your daily diet. This can significantly change your gut bacteria in just 1-2 days! 

Are Medjool Dates a Probiotic?

Medjool dates have something called Fructans, which are PREbiotic fermentable fibers that are the important food for PRObiotics. Medjool dates also have Polyphenols, which help to suppress pathogens and encourage the growth of microbes that are good for us. In the video below, our Gut Health Dietitian, Ashley, reviews the gut benefits of Medjool Dates.


Happy Gut Meals!

PRObiotics, PREbiotics, and fiber are all components of a happy gut meal.

PRObiotics are the friendly gut bacteria that your body needs, while PREbiotics are the food for PRObiotics. PREbiotics can significantly change the type of bacteria in your gut, while fiber helps keep your gut functioning properly and detoxifies pathways!

Try out these 2 recipes as a way to support a healthy gut. Plus, they taste absolutely delicious! 

Mediterranean Salad with Grilled Chicken with Medjool Dates


Medjool Date Masala Chai Smoothie



Learn more about Gut Health with Ashley Oswald, RDN here!



You can download this Gut Health PDF with a list of high-fiber foods that can help you stay satisfied between meals, promote a healthy weight, and even prevent blood sugar spikes. While Medjool dates are our favorite high fiber food, in this download Ashley Oswald, RDN shares more ideas to help you consume more fiber through a variety of foods.❤️🍽️


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