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Medjool Date Fitness Tips

Sep 21, 2021 | By: Natural Delights

Meet Your New Performance Partner

It's impossible to bring everything you can to your daily workout if you're not fueled properly. What you choose to consume before getting your heart rate up directly impacts your performance—not to mention your mood. Why settle for a snack that's anything less than nourishing and energizing?

Discover how Natural Delights® Medjool dates can fuel your workout.

Fueling Upsnack-cheese-walnuts-1-1

A snack with carbohydrates and a bit of protein one to two hours before your workout will do the trick.

Our advice? Eat a few Medjool dates to give you the lasting energy you need.

Protein + Carbs = Workout Power

Try nut butter on Medjool dates for a delicious, balanced snack!

In the Zone

As you lace up your running shoes, the dietary fiber in Natural Delights® Medjool dates works to slow the absorption of natural sugars — preventing a nasty sugar spike.

Complex carbs keep you going. No crashes here!

Post-Workout Recovery 

After your workout, reach for a snack that's easy to digest and will aid muscle recovery. The potassium and magnesium in Natural Delights® Medjool dates will have you hitting the road again in no time.

Potassium & Magnesium = Speedy Muscle Recovery

Natural Delights® Medjool dates have 50% more potassium (by weight) than bananas!



Interested to learn more about Medjool date nutrition? We have a number of free health & wellness resources to help you fuel your best life.  Learn more here.

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