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Pregnancy Nutrition Tips

May 17, 2022 | By: Natural Delights

This month, Registered Dietitian, Katie Goldberg features Pregnancy Nutrition tips to learn how to nurture a healthy journey into motherhood and beyond. With this unique season in life comes unique nutritional needs.

Nutrition Before, During, & After Pregnancy

hw-contributor-katie-goldbergTo optimize fertility, two major factors to consider are your overall stress level, and egg and sperm health. Natural Delights Medjool dates contain high levels of magnesium, which is one of the best nutrients to fight stress. For postpartum, Medjool dates are packed with iron to support blood loss, calcium and magnesium to support bone health, potassium to help regulate fluid balance, and manganese to support healing.

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How Much Do I Eat?

During pre-conception and the first trimester, women can eat the same amount of calories as their body is accustomed to. After entering the second and third trimesters, women should increase their calorie intake tremendously. Most of these “extra” calories should be foods that are packed with nutrition, but you should also enjoy them! Dates are a yummy way to boost your fiber intake and have been shown to help increase bowel movement frequency. The consumption of dates during pregnancy has also been shown to shorten labor time and support both recovery and lactation. In the video below, Katie reviews 3 ways that Medjool dates can help support a healthy pregnancy.


When & What Do I Eat?


Having a small meal or snack every 3-4 hours can help you from getting overly hungry or overly full. The Plate Method is a quick and easy way to ensure that you’re consuming the proper portions of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and starches. Ideally, aim for ½ plate of fruits and vegetables, ¼ plate of protein, and ¼ starch. 

Medjool dates are a naturally sweet and delicious way to get in 16 essential vitamins and nutrients that can help support preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum. Adding in this nutrition powerhouse can help create lifelong habits for healthy eating.


Try out this Medjool date Sticky Asian Meatball recipe and this Roasted Cauliflower with Middle Eastern Spices when continuing to nurture your body during pregnancy and beyond! 


Click here to learn more about Pregnancy Health with Katie Goldberg, MCN, RDN, LD.

Also, download our "A Date with Mom" PDF here for more information!




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