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Tips for Post Workout Nutrition

Mar 31, 2021 | By: Natural Delights

After a hard workout, your body is in need of recovery. The right mix of carbohydrates and protein will restore your energy levels and aid in muscle repair. However, most people reach for foods or drinks that contain added sugar and have minimal nutritional value. Filled with complex carbohydrates and replenishing potassium, Natural Delights Medjool dates are the perfect post-workout snack no matter if you are a top performance athlete or a regular-joe just trying to get a workout in.

Here are some peak-recovery snacks made with our own energizing Medjool dates that’ll help your body recoup after a good workout:

Runner’s Energy Drops

Runners Energy Drop Video

Medjool dates pair up with some of the wellness world’s favorite superfoods in this easy-to-pack snack. A key ingredient in this energy bomb is the light sprinkle of salt. In moderation, salt is a great addition to post-workouts snacks, as it helps regulate the concentration of water in your body and allows your cells to absorb all the vital nutrients they need. With the additional coating of shredded coconut, matcha tea powder, powdered peanut flour, or cocoa powder, these energy drops are a great way to fuel up in a healthy, delicious way that you can customize to your workout meal plan. No need to eat those mushy plain bars when you can refuel with Runner’s Energy Drops that revitalize your muscles and stimulate your taste buds!

Medjool Date Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie Video

Each time you workout, your body undergoes some type of oxidative stress, meaning there is an imbalance between the free radicals and antioxidants in your body, with free radicals producing more rapidly during exercise. To combat this imbalance post-workout, it’s good to also take in some fruits or vegetables that are high in antioxidants such as spinach and blueberries, making this smoothie the perfect go-to. Medjool dates bring both natural sweetness and a punch of potassium for improved muscle recovery.

Apple Cinnamon Energy Bites


Never underestimate the power of tiny seeds and just a few ingredients. Hemp seeds are a great way to get some omega-3s in your body to reduce inflammation and to allow your muscles to rebuild more rapidly. Moreover, Medjool dates are the naturally sweet paste that holds these bites together making them easy to enjoy on the go. With it’s “sweet and spice and everything nice” flavor, you’ll be craving them even before the workout! 

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