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Sep 1, 2020 | Harvest, Farming, 2020

Bard Valley Natural Delights® — New Season Produces More Dates and More Jobs

YUMA, AZ (September 1, 2020) – One hundred days of 100-degree temperatures produce the highest quality Medjool Dates and that time has arrived as Bard Valley Natural Delights launches their date season. Shoppers love the sweet, caramel-honey flavor and exceptional quality. They also support the organization’s concern over their environmental impact and ability to employ thousands with local jobs both during the harvest season and throughout the year.

 “The date harvest is about so much more than dates,” explains David Baxter, Bard Valley’s brand manager. “Our growers are proud of the quality fruit they produce, but, more importantly, they are proud to be able to provide so many jobs, especially during a time when jobs are scarce.”

 Bard Valley’s dedicated team handles the Medjool Dates with care—over 30 million pounds, which is anticipated for this year’s production. The date palms are harvested using proprietary equipment including large platforms raised by boom lifts. The dates are sent to their grower-owned facility where the strictest standards are implemented so only dates with the highest-quality size, flavor and texture are selected to ship to customers worldwide.

 “The date category is unique because dates are fresh and predominately located in the produce section,” suggests Baxter. “Dates are so versatile they can be eaten right out of the container or as a recipe ingredient substituting refined sugars while enhancing the flavor. There was a time when dates were mostly purchased as a holiday treat, but now consumers are using them every day in smoothies, snacks, recipes and for pre- and post-workouts. It‘s the perfect item to cross merchandise with other sections and products at retail because of its many uses.”

The date category continues to grow with Q2 2020 sales increasing 8.1% with nearly $31 million in sales for 13-weeks ending 6/28/20.* A recent Date Shopper Segmentation study further showed that the most ardent date shoppers spend nearly $40 per year on date purchases.** Bard Valley expects these numbers to continue to expand as they launch a new line of premium Dark Chocolate Covered Medjool Dates with Sea Salt, which will encourage new trial usage.

“We are excited about our new season,” Baxter states. “In addition to employing thousands of people in order to ship the best Medjool Dates, we have replaced our packaging and are now using recycled green tubs made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. We also implement water conservation and sustainable energy to reduce our environmental impact.”

To help retailers promote Bard Valley Natural Delights’ extensive product line, an unparalleled library suite of tools is available. For more information, retailers are encouraged to contact Neil Merritt, Director of North American Sales at (310) 488-5330 or

natural-delights-newseason-pressreleaseBard Valley Natural Delights® is launching its date season with premium Medjool Dates in new recycled packaging and a library suite of tools to help retailers promote an extensive product line including whole and pitted dates (featured). Deglet Noor varieties are also available. Both Medjool and Deglet Noor Dates are available in organic and conventional. Visit for more information.

Sources: * IRI/Freshlook Data /  ** Date Shopper Segmentation IRI Consumer Network 2019 


About Natural Delights®

Natural Delights® Medjool Dates, the leading Medjool date brand in the country, is a naturally sweet, whole fresh fruit grown in Bard Valley at the intersection of Arizona, California and Mexico where its very specific set of growing conditions are met. Water conservation, sustainable energy and connection with their community are the pillars of their organization. The Bard Valley Date Growers lead the industry in farming and best harvest practices. Every farm is subject to the same stringent certification process to ensure that every Natural Delights Medjool Date is grown to exacting standards. For more information on Bard Valley Natural Delights, please visit