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Sweet Spring Brunch

May 4, 2021 | By: Natural Delights

After a busy week, what's better than a weekend brunch with friends to relax and unwind? It's one of our favorite ways to decompress and start the new week with a clear head. Now that many of us are enjoying full-fledged spring weather, brunch is best when served with a little sunshine.

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Nutrition Tips for Young Athletes

Apr 20, 2021 | By: Natural Delights

As a parent, you are continually trying to provide the best for your children. Your young athlete participating in sports is no exception. According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, 26.6% of children aged 6 to 12 were active through sports. Sports participation places a nutrition demand above the requirement for growth and development. Proper nutrition is important for peak performance, while supporting normal growth. With many children involved in sports, you may feel challenged to provide the best nutrition for your own little athlete. Here are some recommendations for you to consider when providing nutrition for your young star.

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What's the Big Deal with Added Sugar

Apr 6, 2021 | By: Natural Delights

Nutrition research is always evolving: one day calories are the enemy, the next day it’s fat. Currently, enemy no. 1 is sugar. However, we must understand that not all sugars are the same and should not completely avoid it. 

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