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Holiday Traditions Made Sweeter with Truffles

Nov 30, 2022 | By: Natural Delights

We asked YOU on social media what your favorite holiday traditions are and we got some really heartfelt and fun memories that you enjoy doing each year. Since eating and snacking is such a staple part of our unique holiday traditions, we wanted to show you how each of your favorite traditions are made a little sweeter when you bring our new Truffles to the table.

Give Thanks With Truffles

“It is a tradition for us to meet at my sister’s for Thanksgiving. She cooks the turkey and everyone else brings a dish. We have been doing this for many years and it helps that everyone does the cooking.”


Holiday hosts are rockstars, so we recommend giving thanks by bringing Truffles as a hostess gift this year. Your host will be delighted to receive a sweet treat that brings them a little extra energy - thanks to the power of Medjool dates - as they prepare for all things holiday hospitality.

Christmas Lights & Chocolate-Filled Nights

“Driving around at night looking at Christmas lights with my family is something we do every year. It’s a tradition that we look forward to, and we always have a cup of hot chocolate in hand!”


Looking at twinkling lights from the warmth of your car and sipping cocoa sounds magical! On your next holiday light adventure, bring a pouch of Truffles and enjoy that same rich chocolatey goodness with the added health benefits of Medjool dates. You can also go for our Dark Chocolate with Probiotic Added option to help promote gut health and immune support, which we all need during the cold months.

Netflix & Truffles

“We love watching holiday movies by our fireplace with special snacks including grazing boards, hot appetizers, and gourmet popcorn.”


We are big fans of cozy nights in. Watching holiday movies and cuddling up by the fire with our date of choice sounds like a sweet memory in the making! Truffles are an ideal addition to charcuterie boards and pair perfectly with popcorn for a sweet and salty movie night snack.

A Latka Joy This Hanukkah

“During the 8 days of Hanukkah, we get together every evening to light the menorah as a family and eat my mom’s homemade jelly donuts. During at least one of the nights, someone in my family hosts a dinner for us all with delicious homemade latkes, and we give gifts to all the children.”


We love hearing about your traditions that honor the past and celebrate the present, helping those of all ages appreciate the history and culture of the holiday. Truffles are a sweet gift that brings joy to children and adults alike!

Acting Through The Snow

“A tradition we have is staying up until midnight on Christmas Eve playing charades and opening presents! On Christmas day I always make a big batch of chili and we enjoy the snowy weather.”


Staying up late and playing games with your closest friends and family the night before Christmas is a recipe for fun. While spending quality time with your loved ones, pop in a few Truffles to satisfy midnight cravings while proving natural energy for those late night games.


We loved hearing from everyone who shared with us on social media and look forward to seeing all of your traditions as you share more over the holidays. Tag us in your posts this season and share how Truffles make your tradition even sweeter, and we’ll select a few people to win FREE Truffles. Happy Holidays!


Meet Jessica Reyes, sample and trade show coordinator with Natural Delights. Jessica, her husband, and her three kids love visiting family in Mexico for the holidays and Truffles have become a staple snack for everyone. In fact, since starting with Natural Delights, Jessica has given up coffee completely because Medjool dates give her the energy she needs each day!


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