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Celebrating National Nutrition Month with a World of Flavors

Mar 8, 2022 | By: Natural Delights

March is National Nutrition Month! This year’s theme is all about celebrating flavors from cultures all around the world. It’s important to honor different goals, backgrounds, and tastes as we nourish our bodies. Natural Delights Medjool dates are the perfect addition to all types of cuisine including Indian, Moroccan, Mexican, and beyond. Medjool dates contain 16 key vitamins and minerals, including carbohydrates, fiber, and potassium, which help give us long-lasting energy after a meal. Celebrate National Nutrition Month with these delicious recipes that are Registered Dietitian approved by Mackenzie Burgess!

Roasted Cauliflower with Red Onions, Dates, and Middle Eastern Spices

Whether you're looking for a colorful side dish or a meatless meal, this Middle-Eastern-inspired recipe won't disappoint. With only 6 ingredients and pops of bold flavor, you don't want to miss out on these flavors. Plus, cauliflower is a great source of fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K. As an added bonus, you can prepare this in less than 30 minutes. 


Date Empanaditas

Celebrate the flavors of Spain with empanaditas, a bite-sized dish made up of pastry dough and a meat filling. The pastry dough is stuffed with a sweet and savory mixture of dates and beef for the perfect bite. To add some extra protein and crunch, the empanditas also include pine nuts, which pair perfectly with the sweetness of the dates. 


Sticky Asian Meatballs

Talk about a nourishing weeknight meal! These Asian-inspired chicken meatballs are tossed in a sesame sticky sauce that’s free of any added sugars. Perfect to serve over rice, quinoa, or cauliflower rice.

Sticky Asian Meatballs

Morrocan Date & Carrot Salad

Let’s take a trip to Morocco with this showstopping Carrot Salad featuring Moroccan spiced and roasted rainbow carrots, plump dates, fresh mint, feta, and pine nuts. Did you know all those different colored carrots represent different nutrients that keep us healthy? Pretty cool!


Gajarka Halwa

Gajarka Halwa is an Indian recipe that’s aromatic and bursting with fresh flavors. It features protein-packed pistachios and fiber-rich dates to keep you feeling satisfied.

Gajarka Halwa 1600x1068

Mexican Hot Chocolate with Dates

Take your hot chocolate up a notch with chili powder and Medjool dates! This Mexican Hot Chocolate is a wonderful cozy drink to enjoy year-round. As a bonus, cacao powder is rich in flavonoids which have powerful anti-inflammatory effects.


Medjool Pao Chicken

It’s theorized that Pao Chicken dates back to the 19th century in China. It’s a chicken stir fry dish paired with a sticky sauce and cashews. For this take on Pao Chicken, we are using naturally sweetened dates instead of sugar for the sauce! This is a great way to cut down on processed sugars in the diet.


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Mackenzie Burgess, RDN


Mackenzie Burgess, RDN of
Mackenzie Burgess is a registered dietitian and recipe developer in the Denver area. She focuses on customizable recipes with ingredients of your choice. She regularly appears on digital and broadcast media sharing quick meals and kitchen hacks. 



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