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Sweet Spring Brunch

May 4, 2021 | By: Natural Delights

After a busy week, what's better than a weekend brunch with friends to relax and unwind? It's one of our favorite ways to decompress and start the new week with a clear head. Now that many of us are enjoying full-fledged spring weather, brunch is best when served with a little sunshine.

Is brunch even brunch without hot pastries? Whether you're a devoted fan of the soft, pillowy texture of sweetbreads or are Team Scone all the way, we don't judge your choice.  In fact, why bother choosing when you can have both?!? Our Masala Chai Date Bread and Date Cranberry Orange Scones are naturally sweetened with Medjool dates for guilt-free indulgence.

Masala Chai Date Bread


Date Cranberry Orange Scones

date cranberry orange scones

Ok, you got us. Technically, we are sharing another bread item, but it's loaded with berries atop a Medjool date paste spread so can we just say this is our fruit focus for brunch? Let's just go with it.  And besides, will anyone really be bothered by a bread trifecta. We think not.

Loaded Toast with Berries

loaded toast with berries

Ready for some next-level brunching? Look no farther than our Candied Black Pepper & Medjool Date Bacon. From the hearty breakfast eaters in your bunch to the sip-n-snack guests, you'll want to make sure you have enough seconds to go around on this sweet and savory fan favorite.

black pepper and medjool date candied bacon

Feeling like brunch can't come soon enough this weekend? We hear you. 


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