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Rich Recipes for Ramadan

Apr 5, 2022 | By: Natural Delights

Rich Recipes for Ramadan

Preparing for the month of Ramadan is a holy and heart-warming time of year for practicing Muslims. Around the world, people join one another in waking up before sunrise for Suhoor to set their fast.

Because the Islamic calendar follows the phases of the moon, the length of a day's fast is constantly changing as time goes on. 🌙 For example, days in the summertime are much longer than days in the wintertime. Each year the month of Ramadan moves a few weeks behind when it started the previous year. Since this Ramadan falls in April 2022, fasts will be on the longer end if you are located in the Northern hemisphere. 

After about 15 hours of no eating or drinking, traditionally, families will gather around the table together for Iftar to break their fasts with water and dates. Dates have spiritual significance and are especially important during Ramadan. They are mentioned in the Quran more than 20 times! Dates are also native to and widely cultivated in the Middle East, where the city of Mecca resides. 🙏

Medjool dates provide a sustainable amount of energy to replenish the body after a long day of no food or water. This can be an intentional challenge so it's important to stay energized with a nutrient-dense diet! Here are 5 rich Medjool date recipes to help fuel your fasts for the month. 


5 Delicious Recipes to Make for Ramadan

Feta, Walnut & Date Phyllo Bites

These Phyllo bites give the perfect combination of light, crispy exterior and delicate, chewy, sweet center with the crunch of walnuts. If you love nut and cheese stuffed dates, the combination with flaky phyllo is a must-try! These are a great addition to your Iftar spread as an appetizer. 

Natural Delights_Feta Walnute Date Pyhllo 2-1

Gajarka Halwa

This recipe is both flavorful and delicious. It features ghee, which is a great source of energy, especially when paired with energy-boosting dates. Your guests will go starry-eyed over this beautiful treat!

Gajarka Halwa 1600x1068

Medjool Date Baklava with Rose Syrup

This traditional layered pastry is elevated with the chewy, sweetness of Medjool dates and the delicate flavor of rose syrup. You can't go wrong with this sweet, light, and flakey dessert. The rose syrup is rich with lemon and honey which is paired with the flakey phyllo dough which features crunchy walnuts and the bold flavors of cardamom. 

Baklava 1600x1068

Curry, Date, & Almond Pilaf

This Curry, Date, and Almond Pilaf is a filling side dish that delivers a trifecta of fragrance, flavor, and texture with every bite. This recipe is a filling side dish that is full of flavor and can be paired with your choice of protein.


Stuffed Dates 5 Ways

Dates are such an amazing vehicle for flavors! They work great in both sweet & savory dishes and are delicious when stuffed too! This recipe is by one of our influencers who comes from a Palestinian background and features many Palestinian flavors in her recipes. Check out Fufu's Kitchen for more delicious recipes!

Stuffed dates 5 ways

Ramadan Kareem! ❤️




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