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‘Tis the Season for Baking with Medjool Dates

Dec 6, 2023 | By: Natural Delights

The sweetest time of the year is upon us! Holiday parties are filling up the calendar fast and DIY edible gift ideas are in high demand. Whether you are cozying up your kitchen with a warm oven of baking cookies or filling a box with homemade candies to give to friends, there are so many ways to add a healthier spin to your favorite holiday treats. By incorporating Medjool dates, you’ll use less refined sugar but get more nutrients, fiber, and flavor. It’s a win-win addition to any recipe!

Whether you are new to baking with Medjool dates or a long-time lover, I’ve gathered up the most delicious list of cakes, candies, cookies, bars, chocolates, and beverages so you have plenty of options and inspiration. You can utilize them as the sweetener in a batter or dough, a caramel-y mix-in, a sticky marshmallow substitute, or even as a cocktail syrup. There are endless ways to add in Medjool dates without sacrificing any of the yummy holiday flavor. Happy baking!

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                                              Photo Credit: The First Mess                                            Photo Credit: Feasting on Fruit

Medjool dates can bring not just sweetness but a lot of moisture to cake batters. Plus, they have a delicious complexity of flavor reminiscent of brown sugar. Here are a few different holiday-inspired cake recipes that utilize them.


Candy 1        Candy 2

                           Photo Credit: Heartbeet Kitchen                                         Photo Credit: From My Bowl

Often affectionately referred to as “nature’s candy,” Medjool dates work wonderfully in homemade candy making. Salty caramels are where they effortlessly shine, but they are a perfect base for fudge and truffles. These candy recipes are also a simple no-bake starting point if you are new to Medjool date desserts.


Cookies 1        Cookies 2

                           Photo Credit: Okonomi Kitchen                                         Photo Credit: Addicted To Dates

It’s not the holidays without an abundance of cookies, and there are an abundance of ways to sneak Medjool dates into the cookie swap too! You can use them blended as the base instead of butter, chopped up and folded into the batter, or even as a sticky binder for a no-bake cookie recipe.


Bars 1        Bars 2

                          Photo Credit: Rainbow Plant Life                                       Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker

Bars and brownies may not be as classic as holiday cookies but are often easier to make and share. Any and all of these recipes would be a major crowd-pleaser at holiday parties or potlucks!


Chocolate 1        Chocolate 3

                          Photo Credit: Feasting on Fruit                                          Photo Credit: Evergreen Kitchen

There is just something about that natural caramel flavor of Medjool dates paired with chocolate that I cannot get enough of! Complement that combination with the classic candy cane mint or add nuts into the mix and you've got yourself a very decadent chocolatey treat.


Drink 1        Drink 2

                          Photo Credit: Rainbow Plant Life                                       Photo Credit: With Food + Love

The holidays aren't complete without festive beverages to fill your cup. Whether you prefer cozy and warm or boozy on ice, I've got options for both.


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