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Incorporating This Year’s Hottest Ingredient Into Your Meals & Snacks

Jan 25, 2023 | By: Natural Delights

According to Whole Foods’ 2023 Top Food Trends report, this year is all about MEDJOOL DATES! Not only can you expect to see Medjool dates in more products, but there are tons of ways to incorporate them into your own meals and snacks! If you’re looking for a way to add vitamins, nutrients, energy, and natural sweetness to your day, then here are several ways to jump onboard the Medjool date train in 2023.


Medjool dates and our Mini Medjools can be eaten alone and are a perfect pick-me-up, but if you’re wanting something with a bit more protein and fat, try one of the recipes below! Dates can be blended and used in a dip like pumpkin pie hummus, or they can be chopped up and mixed into a snack like sweet and salty popcorn balls or puppy chow goodness.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Date Puppy Chow


One of the most classic ways to enjoy Medjool dates is to stuff them and sometimes even wrap them with bacon for  a cheesy or savory combination. Try the technique using our gorgonzola stuffed dates recipe, or mix together dates, feta and walnuts in our phyllo bite recipe. They are also an excellent inclusion in a salad, like the balsamic kale salad recipe below.

Feta, Walnut & Date Phyllo Bites

Main Courses

While some may think dates belong in the sweeter dishes only, we are confident that anyone can enjoy dates in savory, hearty meals too. Try dates on a flatbread pizza, blended into a sauce to pair with a protein, or stuff them in an empanada. You can’t go wrong with these dinner ideas.

Whole30 Chicken Thighs in Date Mustard Sauce (One Pan Meal)


A natural sweetener, Medjools are a no-brainer in the dessert category. Using whole Medjool dates, you can make a better-for-you version of an Almond Joy, or dice them into a baklava. One creative idea that we loved this past holiday season was to plop a few chocolate Truffles on top of a baked good, like the chocolate peppermint cupcakes pictured below. Yum!


A fun way to add some gut health benefits to your nightcap is to add some Medjool dates of course! Chop one up and pop on a skewer for presentation points, or boil down to a rich syrup and naturally sweeten your drink. Whether used as a beautiful garnish or to sweeten, Medjool dates are a great addition.

Medjool Date Rosé Sparkler

We are thrilled to have been included in the Whole Foods lineup, but we can’t say that we are surprised when we look at all of the tasty ways Medjool dates can liven up any eating experience. Try out some of these recipes, and let us know your thoughts over on our social pages! How are YOU going to eat Medjool dates this year?


Meet Jessica Reyes, sample and trade show coordinator with Natural Delights. Jessica, her husband, and her three kids love snacking on Medjool dates, and Truffles have become a staple snack for everyone. In fact, since starting with Natural Delights, Jessica has given up coffee completely because Medjool dates give her the energy she needs each day!

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