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10 Thirst-Quenching Summer Smoothie Recipes

Jun 20, 2024 | By: Natural Delights

There’s honestly nothing better than a cold, frozen beverage on a hot, summer day — especially if you’re sipping on something extra sweet. Smoothies are the perfect summertime beverage for cooling you down and electrifying those taste buds. Let’s be real; smoothies are also great for getting all of those good-for-you nutrients for the day, and can also help with keeping your body hydrated under the hot sun. Needless to say, we’re a big fan of smoothies, which is why we have a plethora of thirst-quenching smoothie recipes on hand when we’re craving something cold and sweet.

What makes these smoothies far superior to the rest? Well first, all of these smoothies are naturally sweetened with pitted Medjool dates. Medjool dates add a caramel-like sweetness to any recipe — whether it’s a baked good or blended into a beverage like a smoothie — and is also packed with good-for-you nutrition. Adding two Medjool dates to your smoothie adds 3 grams of fiber, as well as potassium, magnesium, and copper. Plus, because potassium is an electrolyte that works in tandem with sodium to maintain cellular fluid balance, they also help to keep you hydrated. So in conclusion, Medjool dates are the sneaky MVP of your summertime thirst-quenching smoothie.

Along with Medjool dates, these smoothies are packed with all kinds of nutritious ingredients that help to fuel your body. And, of course, they taste delicious! Here are ten of our favorites that we think you’ll absolutely love to sip on all summer long. Be sure to grab a green clamshell of Natural Delight Fresh Pitted Medjool Dates for all of your summer smoothie needs!

1. Medjool Date Green Smoothie


There’s just something about sipping on a green smoothie. It tastes good (thanks to those Medjool dates!) and it makes you feel super healthy because, well, it’s green. This Medjool Date Green Smoothie has an entire cup of fresh spinach in it, as well as frozen bananas, blueberries, and dates to sweeten it up. Get an extra boost of protein (and creaminess!) from the cashews, and voila! The healthy green smoothie of your dreams.

2. Peach Date Smoothie


Use up those juicy summer peaches and throw them in a smoothie with dates! This Peach Date Smoothie works with any plant-based milk, so choose the one you absolutely love. If you leave the skins on those peaches, you’ll get a boost of soluble and insoluble fiber in your smoothie, which is great for your gut health. Craving a smoothie that is thick and frozen like a shake? Freeze those peach slices first before tossing them in to make that smoothie extra thick.

3. Medjool Date, Strawberry & Beet Superfood Smoothie


This smoothie is packed with so much good-for-you nutrition, you’ll be thanking us later. Between the strawberries, sliced beets, and dark leafy greens (hello, antioxidants!), the chia seeds (omega 3’s!), and that scoop of filling protein, this smoothie is worthy enough to fill you up for breakfast and carry you on throughout the day.

4. Strawberry Mango Smoothie


Strawberry and mango just sound summery, especially when it’s blended up with tangy, tart orange juice. Talk about a major boost of vitamin C! This refreshing smoothie is just the thing you’ll want to sip on after a long, hot day in the sun. Top it off with shredded coconut and fresh strawberries for a garnish to feel fancy. Better yet, why not serve it in a fun cocktail glass to really get in the spirit

5. Blueberry Superfood Smoothie


Cauliflower, in a smoothie? Trust us on this one! Frozen cauliflower actually helps to make a smoothie thick and creamy, kind of like a banana, but without the banana flavor. Between the Medjool dates, the blueberries, the vanilla, the peanut butter, and the kale, you won’t even know you have riced cauliflower in that cup — while still packing in all of those nutrients, like fiber and vitamin C!

6. Tropical Smoothie


Who needs a trip to a tropical island when this smoothie will save you the money and the headache? Okay, we get it; a trip to a tropical island would be lovely. But at least this Tropical Smoothie will make you feel like you’re on white, sandy beaches. Between the coconut, the mango, the banana, and the sweet Medjool dates, you’ll be sipping on a drink that tastes just like paradise feels.

7. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Smoothie


A peanut butter cup might sound good, but you know what sounds better? A peanut butter chocolate smoothie. You get all of those same tastes, but with major nutritional benefits that that little peanut butter cup can’t even bother to provide. Between the protein in the peanut butter, the fiber from the Medjool dates, the potassium in the banana, and the magnesium in the hemp seeds, this afternoon treat is one that we can totally get behind.

8. Chocolate Matcha Smoothie


Matcha tea isn’t just in this smoothie to look pretty, you know. In fact, matcha is an excellent source of disease-fighting antioxidants, promotes healthy digestion thanks to the fiber, helps to improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and is packed with vitamin C, chromium, magnesium, selenium, and zinc. Oh, and it can even improve your mood! Between the matcha and the tasty cacao powder, this smoothie is bound to put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

9. Low-Fat Strawberry Date Smoothie


While many of our recipes keep it low-fat by using plant-based milk, if you’re looking for a recipe that takes advantage of protein-packed dairy but without all of the fat, low-fat vanilla yogurt is your answer. Plus, it makes your smoothie extra creamy! This Low-Fat Strawberry Date Smoothie keeps things simple with strawberries, bananas, and of course, those Natural Delights Medjool Dates.

10. Vanilla Cinnamon Smoothie


Why yes, avocados are great for a smoothie! Not only do they add fiber and make your smoothie that eye-popping green, but avocados are also a great source of fiber. Between the Medjool dates, the avocados, and the spinach, this protein-powered smoothie will also give you that fiber boost right at the start of your day!

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